Adding color to Hakata's autumn skies
Hakata Old Town Light Up Walk

Spend a magical evening walking around the many temples and shrines of Hakata Old Town. This year's Light Up Walk features a diverse bill of attractions, from art and night markets to Japanese-style entertainment and a stamp rally. Walk, eat and enjoy as you visit the area's temples and shrines amid the lengthening nights of autumn.

guidebook (PDF 3MB)

Venues with admission feeHongakuji Temple/Zendoji Temple/Myotenji Temple/Kaigenji Temple/Kushida Shrine (Shimekake Inari Shrine)/Ryuguji Temple/Jotenji Temple (Hojo/Kaizan-do)/Tochoji Temple/Myorakuji Temple/Engakuji Temple

Venues with free admissionShojoji Temple (Sanmon Gate)/Ichigyoji Temple (Sanmon Gate)/Katsuragi Jizoson/Kushida Shrine (Premium Stage)/Hakata Machiya Folk Museum/Hakata Traditional Craft and Design Museum/Jotenji Temple (Buddha Hall)/Hakata Sennennomon Gate

Ticket prices (tax inc.) Advance ¥1,000
On the day ¥1,500

Ticket prices

Paper ticket Advance ¥1,000 / On the day ¥1,500
e-ticket Advance ¥950 / On the day ¥1,450
Express pass Advance ¥3,000 (limited to 50 a day)




Light Up Walk 2019 stamp rally

Collect stamps from each venue to receive an original plastic file folder! (First 400 people/day) All stamps feature an original design! Collect all for a great memento of your walk!


Light Up Walk Night Market

Take a break from your walk to enjoy a tasty bite to eat! This year, there will be night markets at seven different locations! Enjoy the lights, unwind and stop by for some food.

Night Market