Hakata Old Town Light-up Walk


Hakata Old Town is an area that thrived as the heart of Hakata, Japan’s largest trading port city during the Middle Ages. The area is home to countless Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, and these will be beautifully lit-up as part of the night-time event— Hakata Old Town Light-up Walk.

This special event is an excellent opportunity to experience the wonders of Hakata differently to its daytime appearance. Within the serene silence created by the beautiful light cast on the shrines and temples that tell Hakata’s history, we hope you can enjoy a moment of peace away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Dates and Times

Five days between October 31 (Wednesday) – November 4 (Sunday) , 2018

5:30pm – 9:00 pm (Entry until 8:45pm)

(The event will take place regardless of the weather)

Venue Information

Venues That Require Admission Fees

Kushida Shrine*, Jotenji Temple, Tochoji Temple**, Myorakuji Temple, Engakuji Temple, Hongakuji Temple, Zendoji Temple, Myotenji Temple、Kaigenji Temple, Ryuguji Temple

*Tickets are not needed to pray in the main hall, which will be open as usual. There will also be opportunities for special viewings of the main hall, as well as a chance to enjoy a lit up Shimekake Inari Shrine and Hakata Wall with the ticket.

**For three days only, the Fukuoka Daibutsu (Great Buddhist Statue) will be open to the public for a special night viewing from October 31 (Wed.) until November 2 (Fri.).

Locations with Free Admission

Kushida Shrine (Seido Nigiwai Stage), Shojoji Temple***、Ichigyoji Temple***, Hakata Sennen-no-Mon Gate, Katsuragi Jizo, Hakata Machiya Folk Museum****, Hakata Traditional Craft and Design Museum

***Only the Sanmon Gate will be lit up. (It is not possible to enter the temple itself.)

****Entry is free during this event.

About the Light Designs

Twenty local lighting companies have teamed-up to illuminate these special and sacred Buddhist and Shinto holy sites with the world-famous illumination designer Miki Matsushita, who is also based in Fukuoka.

The concept behind the illuminations for 2018 is Hakata-ori, a traditional local weaving design. Its 777 year history and evolution will be transformed into light, and draped over Hakata’s many shrines and temples.

Jotenji Temple will be displaying a special design created by a team composed of local students, and designers from five different countries, France, USA, UK, Switzerland and Australia. Sponsored by LIGHT ASIA.

Ticket Information

・With one ticket you can access all venues, only once each.
(so each of you need one ticket if you are some group.)

・Tickets are valid for five days.

Ticket Fees

Paper Tickets Advanced ticket 1,000yen
Tickets bought on the day 1,500yen
E-ticket*1 Advanced ticket 950yen
Tickets bought on the day 1,450yen
Group discount ticket*2 900yen per ticket when purchasing more than 20(advanced tickets only)
Express Pass*3 3,000yen

*Junior high school students and younger can enter free of charge(though must be accompanied by a parent/guardian)

*1 This discount is available when purchasing tickets through Yahoo! Japan PassMarket, and by showing the barcode sent to your cellphone on entry.

*2 Please download and printout the application form, and send it via email or fax. (The deadline for group discount ticket applications is October 19 (Fri.))

*3 This ticket allows express entry into all venues. There are only 50 tickets available per day, and they must be purchased through Yahoo! Japan PassMarket. All venues requiring an entry fee may be accessed only once each.

Where to Purchase Paper Tickets

Kushida Shrine Fudasho (Charm Counter)
Hakata Machiya Folk Museum
Hakata Traditional Craft and Design Museum
Fukuoka City Tourist Information Center (Hakata & Tenjin)
Fukuoka City Hall 1st Floor: Universal Cafe
Canal City Hakata Business Center 1st Floor: Canal Tourist Lounge
Hakata Hankyu Department Store 7th Floor: Service Counter

How to Purchase E-tickets and Express Passes

Yahoo! Japan PassMarket

*There are no handling fees when paying by credit card (including Yahoo! Wallet). There are additional handling fees when paying at convenience stores.

*Multiple tickets can be purchased on behalf of friends and family in one transaction. These tickets can be sent to friend’s emails or smartphones using the LINE application. Customers without smartphones should print out their barcodes to use as tickets.

*Tickets can be purchased without a Yahoo! Japan ID.

How to Purchase Coupons at Convenience Stores

・Seven Ticket (Purchased at Seven Eleven Stores)
・Lawson Ticket (Purchased at Lawson and Ministop Stores) <L Code: 82000>

*The above coupons must be exchanged on the day of the event for a barcode ticket at one of the following ticket offices.

Ticket Purchase & Exchange During Event Days

Kushida Shrine, Jotenji Temple, Tochoji Temple and Hongakuji Ticket purchase and exchange counters will be open after 5pm on October 31 (Wednesday).


Hakata Light-up Walk Executive Committee